Making a Mark with Pilot Bank’s Mural –

Making a Mark with Pilot Bank’s Mural

How to make an impact on a city and community known for its thriving arts scene? Given St. Pete’s penchant for eye-catching street art, RKC came up with idea of creating a mural that would serve as Pilot Bank‘s love note to St. Pete at its newest location on 4th Street, its first in the city! RKC’s  mocked up a concept which was brought to life by local artists John Gascot and Derek Donnelly who emblazoned a stunning work of art on the side of the bank. The mural received plenty of media attention, including articles from the Business Observer and Tampa Bay Business Journal. The mural got even more mileage on social media with the reception event and timelapse video of its making. Keep an eye out for the mural next time you’re taking 4th Street into downtown St. Pete!




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