Digital – Slays New Digital Advertising Benchmarks

  As agents of digital engagement, the biggest brands in Tampa Bay and beyond have tapped to build great content and winning strategies. Recent industry reports solidify that our results continue to defy key benchmarks for reach, interaction and cost. Paid Social Benchmarks According to AdStage Average CPM: $14.72 Average CPC: $1.52 Average CTR: […]


Jimmie Giles

Pilot Bank One of Tampa Bay’s oldest community banks, Pilot Bank wanted to create a special CD rate to “recognize great achievements.” Teaming up with legendary Tampa Bay Buccaneer Jimmie “88” Giles, created branding, branch signage and a digital campaign touting two exceptional options, both using the player’s well-known jersey number, for personalized investing strategies.


Grindr PrEP’s Tampa Bay Gay Males

With HIV on the rise in Tampa Bay, we ran our first Grindr campaign to help spread the word about PrEP, a daily pill that can reduce exposure to the virus by up to 92%. … after a month-long campaign, client METRO went from nearly zero inquiries about PrEP to dozens which also led […]


RKC Takes Spin Broom to Social

Anthony Sullivan Working with legendary pitchman Anthony Sullivan, helped adapt his TV campaign for the Hurricane Spin Broom to a social universe. Our effort increased viewership from only 5% completion to nearly 70% of viewers watching the entire 12 second social infomercial while also sending thousands of new users to the website to shop.


April Fools

Kahwa Kudos to the husband and wife team behind one of the Tampa Bay’s fastest-growing brands. Their dedication to participating in our elaborate April Fools launch of Caféine, is representative of their dedication to the craft of making great coffee. Launched the morning of Saturday, April 1, the video was seen and shared by thousands […]


Copa Campaign

Copa Competitive fares, shorter routes, connections, and complimentary hot meals and adult beverages make Copa Airlines the gem of travel to Central and South America. Our campaign for the largest airline in Latin America promotes destination travel and provides a peek into the experience of flying through Copa, with all of its bonuses. While the […]


Kahwa Nitro Blasts Off

Kahwa Ever trendy and hip, coffee will never go out of style. Introduced in just a handful of stories, high demand for Kahwa’s nitro was almost immediate once our campaign began and created a fast track rollout to more locations.


Pilot Bank Postcard Series Inspires Brand

Pilot Bank How do you make finance, cool? Align one of the area’s oldest community banks with the fast-growing city it operates in for a feel good local campaign that reflects the Tampa Bay economy coming to life. Our Pilot Bank postcards inspired thousands of interactions and shares across social media, engaging consumers to help […]


Emphasis on “Community”

Pilot Bank Proving that a community bank is actually about community, Pilot Bank works with several big hearted organizations in Tampa Bay. In addition to giving their time for volunteer efforts, the bank looks to share great stories about those they work with via mini-documentaries on social media. PS… Best to admire Joseph a distance. Big […]


Food for Thought — and Fun!

Healthy St. Pete Proving moderation is all about picking this over that, without the heaping helping of preaching, Healthy St. Pete asked us to launch a virtual progressive dinner partnership with local restaurants. The resulting tours prove that being mindful of what you take in when you eat out can still be a lot of […]

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