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Not Letting the Dust Settle at Cassis

Cassis A staple of St. Pete’s foodie scene from before there was such a thing, Cassis American Brasserie was evolving to better serve the demands of a culture they helped cultivate. Dropping the “American Brasserie” from their name and doing a bit of renovating, Cassis 2.0 enlisted to help spread the word of the […]


Good Coffee for a Good Cause

image by Joey Clay Kahwa Coffee It all started with a tweet; when longtime Kahwa Coffee customer Evan Longoria @’d the company on Twitter, he set the ball in motion to fast becoming a business partner. In launching the special collaborative coffee blend, Signature Series No. 3, was tasked with designing the bag and […]


April Fools

Kahwa Kudos to the husband and wife team behind one of the Tampa Bay’s fastest-growing brands. Their dedication to participating in our elaborate April Fools launch of Caféine, is representative of their dedication to the craft of making great coffee. Launched the morning of Saturday, April 1, the video was seen and shared by thousands […]


Food for Thought — and Fun!

Healthy St. Pete Proving moderation is all about picking this over that, without the heaping helping of preaching, Healthy St. Pete asked us to launch a virtual progressive dinner partnership with local restaurants. The resulting tours prove that being mindful of what you take in when you eat out can still be a lot of […]


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